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Load break switch

FZW32-12-24-40.51 Vacuum Load Break Switch

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FZW32-12/24/40.5 Outdoor AC high voltage disconnect vacuum load break switch is a new product adopts domestic existing mature load break switch production experience and overseas advanced technology to design and manufacture. the load break switch is composed of disconn ect blade, vacuum interrupter and operation mechanism. vacuum extinguishing arc, there are merits as strong extinguishing arc ability, reliable performance, long lifetime, small volume, no explosive danger and no pollution to environment. It accords with standards of IEC62271-103 High voltage switches.
Ambient condition
1.Altitude: 1000m;
2.Ambient temperature: -30 ~+40 ;
3.Wind speed: 34m/s;
4.Pollution degree: IV ;
5.Earthquake intensity: 8 degree;
6.Ice thickness: 10mm.

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