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Load break switch

FZN25-12D Indoor Vacuum Load Break Switch

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This product applies vacuum arc-extinguishing chamber. It features with reliable operation, long electric life and easy maintenance, breaking and making power supply frequently. The operation mechanism is inside switch gear combining disconnector, load break switch and earthing switch into one. It has
compactable dimension and small weight.The disconnect gap lies in a serial with the vacuum arc-extinguishing cham ber.The large dynamic stable current and thermal st able curre nt, the interlinked procedures assure the operation coherently.
Busbar and load break switch are separated fully by taper fixed co ntact, insulatin g cover and valve .Vacuum circuit break switch, earthing switch, valve and cubicle door are interlocked according to 5 protections to preven from miss- operation. The spring storage operation mechanism can both operate by dependent manual and power to realize remote control. The CO operating power can be AC or DC source.Manual operation is generally on the right of switch, but can be changed to the left or obverse according to user's requirement.
Ambient condition
1. Altitude: 1000m;
2. Ambient temperature: -25 ~+40 ;
3. Relative humidity: daily average 95 , monthly average 90 ;
4. Earthquake intensity: 8 degree;
5. Applicable occasions should free from inflammables, explosives,corrosives and severe vibration.

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