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OPGW cable Vibration Damper with Protect Rod Assembly

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  • Time: 2020-04-19

Clamp Type Vibration Damper for ADSS/OPGW cables, with tuning fork structure of Damper Weight, is validated by China Electric Power Research Institute that there are four frequency between 5~150HZ, and its vibration range is wider than FG Damper or FD Damper. Plenty Vibration Dampers have been installed on ADSS cables.
Damper adopts special tuning fork type structure, it can generate four resonance frequencies which can cover actual OPGW cable vibration range. After installing damper, the vibration amplitude of cable reduce syn tony so as to suppress the conductor vibrations and ensure life of cable, with satisfactory result in vibration proof.


Damper weight—Hot dip galvanized cast iron

Messenger Wire—19 strand galvanized steel wires

Clamp—Aluminium Alloy

Helical Rods—Aluminium Alloy

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Skype: richtang731

Phone: 18900751339

Tel: 0731-85499326

Email: export@hncmec.com

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