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12CORE sc/lc/fc/st upc fiber optical pigtails with 0.9um G65

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Fiber optic fan-outs are designed for patch panels or cable ducts where space-saving is required. It can be used to terminate outside plant or riser ribbon cables and between trays within racks where their compact design minimizes cable density and storage requirements. Fanout assemblies may be ordered as assemblies (terminated on both ends) or as pigtails (terminated one end only).

·CATV, metro test equipment;
·Telecommunication networks;
·Local area networks (LAN);
·Wide area networks (WAN);
·Premise installations;
·Data processing networks;
·Video and military active device termination.


·Superior qualified standard PC, APC, UPC, SPC polishing;
·100% optic test: Insertion Loss: ≤0.3 (PC); ≤0.2 (APC); ≤0.2 (UPC); ≤0.3 (SPC);
·100% optic test: Return Loss: ≥45 (PC); ≥60 (APC); ≥55 (UPC); ≥50 (SPC);
·φ0.9mm, φ2.0mm, φ3.0mm cable optional;
·Single mode (9/125) or multi mode (50/125 or 62.5/125) fiber available;
·FC, SC, LC, MU, ST, MT-RJ, etc connector
·Simplex and duplex connector available;
·Good exchange ability and good durability;
·Available in fiber bunch, ribbon fan-out, pigtail available;
·Meets ISO9001, ROHS and Bell core GR 326-core standards;
·Customized specifications are welcomed  


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Skype: richtang731

Phone: 18900751339

Tel: 0731-85499326

Email: export@hncmec.com

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