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MPO 50/125 om3 trunk cable mtp fiber patch cord mpo om4 Mult

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 MPO/MTP patch cord can achieve multi-fibre connectivity. It also can be used for internal frame cabling. Applications:internal frame cabling, cabling from ZDA to EDA. 


Ø Internal frame cabling

Ø Cabling from ZDA to EDA


Ø Comply with IEC 61754-7,TIA/EIA 604-5, Telcodia GR-1435-CORE Issue 2 standards

Ø Fire resistance comply with low smoking (IEC 61304), halogen free (IEC 60754-1)

Ø flame retardant (IEC 60332-3C)

Ø Corrosion proof (IEC 60754-2)


Ø High-precision MPO/MTP connector

Ø Factory pre-termination, 100% tested to ensure the transmission performance

Ø Optional configuration of pulling hooks, easy for field installation. Rapid configuration, reduce installation time

Ø Rapid upgrading, support parallel transmission

Ø Loose tube structure, OFNR, OFNP and LSZH materials are available for outer sheath

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Skype: richtang731

Phone: 18900751339

Tel: 0731-85499326

Email: export@hncmec.com

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