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GJYXCH Outdoor FTTH Drop Cable 4 Fibers fiber optic cable

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* The optical cable has small diameter, lightweight, low cost, lowconstruction cost.

* It is suitable for mechanical splicing technology, fast, and flexible.

* The optical cable has high-tension and anti-squashforce,self-supportingstructure can meet the requirement of 50 meters pull-fly.

* Ituses aromatic polyamide materials to be the strengthen material.

* The optical cable is soft, good bending performance, and ensure that thebendingperformance can meet the requirements.

* It uses low smoke zero-halogen material, ensure that the cable can meettherequirements for the flame-retardant materials indoor.

* The optical fiber is the bend insensitive fiber which can meet requirementofITU-T G.657.

* High-carbon steel wire should be used for Self-supporting strengthendevice of optical cable, superior tensile properties contented.

Strengthening Wire:

Material: Phosphated steel wire;
Diameter: 0.45mm*1
Messenger Wire:
Material: Galvanized steel wire;
Diameter: Φ1.0MM*1
Outer sheath:
Material: Black LSZH - Low smoke zero halogen
Diameter: 2.0 H × 5.1 ± 0.1 mm

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Skype: richtang731

Phone: 18900751339

Tel: 0731-85499326

Email: export@hncmec.com

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