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Composite insulator

Line post polymer insulator (69kv/115kv/138kv)

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Features and application:
Composite line post insulator is used to high voltage transmission line and distribution line and up to 132kV as one kind of composite insulators. And composite line post insulator has good performance of hydrophobicity and anti-pollution, high mechanical strength and can be installed easily. Same dimension of the fittings as porcelain pin insulator, so they can be exchanged.
Compare to porcelain line post insulator, composite insulator line post is the ideal solution for compact line applications in urban areas and composite line post insulator is also ideal for upgrading the capacity of existing lines with a narrow right of way – by increasing the voltage or the number of circuits. It also has the following key advantages:
1. Can be installed on steel, concrete and wood poles
2. Reduced phase to phase spacing
3. Low visual impact
4. Good pollution performance
5. Reduced conductor movement
6. Less radio noise
7. Un-punctured type
1. Vertical mounting tie top with stud base
2. Vertical mounting clamp top with stud base
3. Horizontal mounting tie top with stud base
4. Horizontal mounting clamp top with stud base
5. Horizontal mounting clamp top with curved base.
Voltage class:
11kV,15kV, 22kV,24kV, 33kV,35kV, 36kv, 46kV, 55kV ,69kV,88kV,132kV,etc.
The cantilever strength:
4kN, 6kN, 8kN, 10kN, 12.5kN
IEC 61109 and ANSI 29.17 is the main standards composite line post insulator or composite insulator line post referenced. 

Braced Post Type

Clamped Top Type

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