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     Changsha Rich Company,Found in 2006, is a professional supplier of electric power equipments in china,which includs Porcelain Insulator, Polymer Insulator, Surge Arrester, Fuse Cutout, Power Transformer, Power cable and Optical Fiber Cable,etc.We are
 expanding the scope of business and building a solid partnership in the power industry.

        Changsha Rich Company has advanced equipments and excellent engineer team. All products have passed the strict inspection before delivery. You will have no any worry about the quality and delivery time. Let us know what you need, then all others will be completly finished on time by our team. You can down more cost to increase the compatative capacity of your company in the market.  We provide one-stop service of research-produce-sale-logistics for more than 60 countries all over the world.  



  • 符合需方报价体系的竞争性报价
  • 完整的产业链
  • 内部的技术和质控能力
  • 充足的生产能力
  • 优秀的成本控制能力


Why us?         

     One-stop service from Changsha Rich Group providing a lower purchase cost of the business operation for all clients in the world.
  • Competitive offer conforming to the demander’s bidding system
  • Complete industrial chain
  • Internal supporting ability 
  • Concentrated production capacity
  • Excellent cost control ability
     All electrical equipments of ours are mainly applied to power generation and distribution fields for system of electric energy distribution and safety protection, known as the key equipment in the electrical system. The purchase of accessories required by complete electrical equipment enterprises is generally known for characteristics such as higher frequency, higher cost efficiency, systematization and professionalization.
    Rich power, with focus on the electrical area and for the personalized demands of complete electrical equipment, is committed to innovation in product, technology and cooperation mode , as well as supply of more considerate and convenient services. The products of Rich Group have been wildly operated in the power systerm in China and oversea.


  • ISO90001
  • ISO14001

Quality Control:

  • Has a quality control point to strengthen key process control, process supervision, and product spot check.
  • Collect internal and external quality information and make full use of quality management tools to improve and promote quality.
Quality Management System:
  • ISO9000 quality management system certification,
  • ISO14001 environmental management system certification
  •  Professional experienced service teams responding to customers’ consultation concerning product, technology, quality and service in time
  • Answer online questions and make available business information required by customers without delay in 24h
  • Flexible, complete and timely delivery services
  • Whole-course tracking
  • Inspection on the delivery process
  • Professional storage and transportation scheme


Contact Us

Skype: richtang731

Phone: 18900751339

Tel: 0731-85499326


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